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Established in 2004, Rhinestone Masonry has a reputation in quality workmanship, honest hearted service and cost effectiveness in all aspects involving this time honoured trade.  

Serving Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

The Benefits of Masonry are Endless

Masonry construction, the art and craft of building or fabricating with brick, stone, concrete block or tile is one of the oldest of the skilled trades.  It dates back to the use of sunbaked clay bricks more than 6000 years ago.  Masonry construction has helped build some of the worlds greatest structures that still stand, and today it is just as vital as when it was first introduced.  Masonry is timeless, durable, attractive and cost effective in the long term.  The options are endless from an Old World Brick Wall in a condo in a Coquitlam high-rise, garden walls of full bed natural stone on a Langley acreage, to a concrete block shop to work on a '69 Nova in Mission anything is possible and Rhinestone Masonry takes pride in making any masonry project a reality through the love of this trade in a cost effective manner.


About Us 

Rhinestone Masonry was founded by Chris Rinas in 2004.  Chris is a 3rd generation Journeyman Mason finishing his 4 year apprenticeship and obtaining his Red Seal in 2002.  His father David Rinas set the bar in obtaining his Red Seal as well and was a great influence on Chris taking up the trade through his example of pride in workmanship and work ethic.  Before Chris started Rhinestone he gained experience as a foreman for a Commercial Masonry Contractor based in Vancouver working on high rise developments, multi-family, and industrial buildings laying Brick Veneer and Structural Concrete Block.  As well Chris worked in the Residential market gaining more artisan experience working on high end Custom Homes installing all types of masonry including Brick, Full Bed Stone, and Natural/Manufactured Stone Veneer.  With all this experience a Journeyman's journey never ends and Rhinestone Masonry was started and over 15 years later with over 20 years experience the journey continues with pride, quality, and a loyalty to customer satisfaction.

Honest Hearted Service that Speaks for Itself

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